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Organic Journey

Ceyon Naturaa was born out of personal journey of Mr. Rajakarthik and Dr. Inbalatha. Dr. Inbalatha, a doctor specializing in Medical Cosmetology, experienced the challenges of recurrent eczema caused by frequent handwashing with conventional soaps and handwashes. These products not only eliminated dirt and germs but also stripped away the protective oils and beneficial bacteria that safeguard against diseases.

During her first pregnancy, Dr. Inbalatha's eczema flare-ups intensified due to excessive handwashing. She tried countless cleansers from health stores to pharmacies, but none provided the desired relief. Recognizing the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals during pregnancy, she and her husband dedicated themselves to formulating a range of chemical free products that were gentle yet effective, not only for her but also for her colleagues facing similar challenges.

Through meticulous research on chemical free ingredients that nourish the skin, Ceyon Naturaa's organic skincare range was born. With Dr. Inbalatha's heightened skin sensitivity during pregnancy, the couple developed skincare products sourced from organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals.

Our Credential

To prove our Organic credential, We choose ECOCERT Greenlife, The first certification body to develop standards for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. ECOCERT is one of the highly regarded international organic certification bodies and is currently recognized throughout the world.

All our products are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, France. We are certified after rigorous review and audit of our ingredients, formulas, manufacturing process and packaging.